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东南网澳大利亚站讯 (本站记者 彭寒)由于选区变化等诸多一系列因素,悉尼南区机场附近的Barton选区几近成为了澳大利亚华人选民最接近影响澳大利亚政治历史的地方。

Even if the story of the Chinese miners back in the Gold Rush and the level of white miners’ aggression against them is what Australia has just began to understand, Linda believes the experience of the Chinese people on this continent is a big part of Australian story.

“A Chinese Miner married an Aboriginal woman, therefore many Aboriginal families from the places where Gold Rush took place actually have Chinese Surnames.”

Throughout the past 13 years’ representing Canterbury in the NSW Parliament, Linda had a chance to work with many Chinese communities and organizations, CASS for example.

“I want to develop close relationship with all the Chinese organizations, communities and also students in Barton as well.”

Additionally, as Southeast Net Australia has covered in a previous story, Linda is committed of introducing compulsory mandarin education in schools of Barton at every opportunity at Canberra if elected.

Campaign Topics

Labor’s promise of introducing 3-years family visa of continuous stay was responded by the Liberal’s 5-year commitment. Numbers of Chinese Australians also expressed the worries over the commitment ending up being a campaign token.

“What Labor said is a solid rock. Any political party would be foolish not to take Chinese Community seriously.”

“I can say without any fear of contradiction that I understand how important the Chinese community is in Barton.”

In respond to what concerns the Chinese Australian parents over the issue of Safe School Program, particularly about what kids may learn at school about GLBT group, Linda gave us a clear respond.

“Let’s be clear of what the safe school program is. It’s about anti-bullying. The program is voluntary. It’s up to school to decide if they want to have it or not.”

“It is completely wrong to say it’s compulsory and you child is going to be taught to be gay. I found that reprehensible and the people that are saying really need to take a look at themselves.”

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